So maybe this won’t be so easy after all

The tough part is always getting off the ground, and so far, we’ve been a little slow on the liftoff.  Since the foundation is a bit out of my league and there are a number of specific detail drawings I will need to submit to the City, I decided it would be prudent to consider hiring an architect to take care of all of it for us.  I also figured an architect might be able to look at more creative ways of designing the space to meet our needs.  What I discovered is that apparently architects are not interested in doing residential additions like ours.  I applaud their honesty in not wasting my time by getting to the point that our job is too small to be worth their time, but it doesn’t really get me anywhere.

Looks like I will continue to channel everything Mr. Stevenson taught me back at Norco High about residential architecture, and I will refer to the City standard detail drawings for some extra Houston-specific help.  Standard details should be good enough to get me a foundation that will pass muster for permitting.  I am, quite literally, back to the drawing board.

The other fun thing I’ve learned is that builders don’t seem to be all that interested in this kind of work, either.  The one builder who responded and came by to assess the project called it “a nuisance” job because it’s so small.  At least he’s still interested in bidding the job once I get him some foundation details.

At this point, I suppose I’m open to recommendations from friends for builders and architects.

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First and foremost, I'm a Fightin' Texas Aggie, but I earn my living as a proud public servant in Houston's Public Works Department. I served in the US Air Force as an intelligence analyst and spent some time with the National Archives and US Congress.
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